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Kansas Sportsbooks See Incredible Increase in Year-on-Year Betting

May is a surprisingly good month for some betting markets in the US. Normally, the start of summer means a slight dip in betting activity. With less sports events to bet on, betting activity becomes lean as well. This may be the case in Kansas, but even with the dip...

US States Mull Certain Restrictions in Sports Betting and Gambling

Sports betting has been legal in the US for around six years. The industry has grown since then, earning billions each year. And as successful as it is, the industry, along with its technology and policy, continue to evolve. This allows regulators and operators to...

North Carolina Online Sportsbooks Post 9-Digit Handle in First Week of Operations

In the latest gambling news, all eyes are on the Tar Heel State as North Carolina online sportsbooks go live. And according to the North Carolina Lottery Commission, sportsbooks have earned $198 million it its first week of operations. Anyone who wants to open a...

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