Pay Per Head ReviewIn our latest bookie pay per head reviews, we are taking a look at one of the newer pay per head providers that are slowly gaining more popularity among the bookie industry: They advertise their bookie services as the best tool to easily create and manage an online sportsbook. Of course, anyone can say that- but can they deliver? Our Pay Per Head Review will give you insights on their software, and our recommendations based on our experience.

As mentioned earlier, has only been in business for a couple of years, but they managed to grab our attention because of some pretty good word of mouth recommendations from fellow bookies. We will find out what the fuss is about, and if they can really compete with the more established sportsbook PPH providers. Pay Per Head Information:

  • Software: Proprietary DGS
  • Products: online casino, horse racing, sports betting, live betting
  • Price Per Player: $5 and below
  • Private Website Available: Yes Pay Per Head Review Pay Per Head ReviewThe site, at first glance, looks professional, clean, and concise. They proudly display a lot of information- more than other providers offer initially. In fact, they even offer a zero-deposit free trial, so they really are transparent in terms of their products and services. This is good because it means that they are confident about their product.

That confidence is not unfounded, too. Upon registration, we were impressed with the UI of the bookie software. Even a bookie who is new to the business will have no problems navigating their software. When go through the menu, you will see the tools you will need to manage your online sportsbook. There are sections specific to line management, player management, to generate reports, and more. Any time we update anything, it takes into effect in real time, which is very important when it comes to sportsbook line management.

As to the variety of betting options, your players will be happy to see sports events from around the world, with each game containing dozens, if not more, of wagers they can place.

They offer their services at $5 per player, but this is for a smaller scale operation. $5 per player is actually pretty low on the spectrum of prices for PPH software, so you will be pleased to find out that it gets better. Once you reach 100 players each week, your pay per head fee goes down to $4.50, and as you scale up your sportsbook, the cost goes down even more.

Our Recommendation about

You cannot argue with the good value for money that you can get with As one of the more affordable providers in the industry, you can be a bookie without having to spend thousands to get started. And if you avail their free trial, you will see that the software packs a punch too. Aside from complete sportsbook management tools, you can also offer an online casino, and horse racing to your players. When your online gambling site gets busy, the software’s servers will be able to handle the traffic. That means there won’t be any problems for your and your players. In addition, over the two years that they have been in business, there have been no complaints to be found online. Combined with the reviews from their own users, we affirm their recommendations and encourage you to try out their software.


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