RDG Corp Bookie Pay Per Head ReviewRDG Corp has been in in the gambling industry since 1996. As one of the pioneers in the business, RDG is is known by practically everyone in the industry, with many of its competitors trying to copy their business model. And as one of the most popular bookie pay per head providers, it deserves a spot in our site’s reviews. Today, we’re bringing your our RDG Corp Bookie Pay Per Head Review.

RDG Corp claims to be able to cater to the multiple needs of each bookie. So regardless of having a large sportsbook, or a small sportsbook, they can cater to your sports betting software requirements. Of course, in our bookie pay per head reviews, we take look at the claims of each PPH provider, look at their services, the price point, and their software to see if they are as good as they say they are.

RDG Corp Pay Per Head Information:

  • Inception: 1996
  • Telephone: 1-877-386-0180
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live Chat: Yes
  • Website: RDGCorp.com
  • Software: DGS and ASI
  • Products: online casino, live betting, sports betting
  • Price Per Player: $7-$10
  • Private Website Available: Yes

RDG Corp Bookie  Pay Per Head Review

RDG Corp Bookie Pay Per Head ReviewRDG Corp claims to be a plug-and-play, or turnkey sportsbook software solution that bookies can use instantly to manage their sportsbook. They say that they can adjust their services based on your needs as a bookie, so that is what we wanted to see during our trial period. RDG Corp offers a very generous 4 week, free, no deposit trial that we took advantage of.

RDG Corp has a very good bookie pph software- this is without doubt. The bookie software covers all the basics. If we want more than the “basics”, which is mostly a bare-bones set of features, we are going to have to pay a little more. Now this here is where things spiral downwards. Yes, their software is secure, easy to use, and has what you need to run a basic online sportsbook. But at $7 a head, it is a bit steep compared to other pay per head operators who offer similar services at lower price points.

Basically, their offer to customize their services is a type of package series where depending on what you want, your price per head will increase to an even more expensive $10 per head. So yes, you get a good online sportsbook software. The catch? You can get the same, even more options, from other providers. For instance, they do not even offer a prop bet builder, which is the ability to customize a wager. This is one of the newest developments in sports betting, and RDG Corp seems to be kept out of the loop.

Our Recommendation about RDG Corp

Given how good the RDG Corp software is, and how reliable their service has been for more than a decade, they are a good software provider for bookies. But being good is not enough, especially in an industry that constantly changes and innovates. Its pricey per head cost for both basic and premium sports betting solution is also something we want to focus on. Imagine getting more than the premium bookie service at half the price with other pay per head providers. Because that is the exact situation we have here. RDG Corp looks good on its own, but put it beside other competitors, and they will get left behind.


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