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Bookie Pay Per Head SolutionsBookiePPHSolutions.com is here to help you find a Bookie PPH provider to fill the needs of your gambling operation. Learn about Bookie Pay Per Head Solutions from who we are to how we got started. Our goal is to provide agents and bookies with honest and reliable information about starting their own bookie service.

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How I got involved in the Bookie Pay Per head Industry

Back in the early 2000s, I decided to start my own sports betting website.  This is because I was tired of sending my players to “big companies” for a small percentage of the profits. After trying our several sportsbook pay per head and a lot of money, I finally found the right one.

However, it took a lot of hard work, frustration and a lot of time dealing with shad companies. As my name got around and my business more popular, people began to ask me how I got started. Overtime, I was getting hundreds of emails per month from people interested in how to be a bookie.

This year, I decided to make life easier for myself.  Me and a few bookies decided to create a website to help other bookies find a PPH Provider.  We figure that since sports betting is a billion dollar business, There is room for more!