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New York Sportsbooks Enjoy Great Start to Betting in July

In the latest bookie news, we are looking at New York sportsbooks and the vast improvement in their numbers from July compared to June. Sportsbooks in the state are rebounding well enough to see a 26% increase in weekly revenue in the first week of the month. Let us...

Nevada Sportsbooks See Better Revenue Numbers in May

There is no better time than now to start a bookie business in 2024. Betting markets across the country are reporting better year-on-year numbers in revenue, and Nevada sportsbooks see the same trend this May. In fact, year-on-year numbers for the betting handle dips,...

Kansas Sportsbooks See Incredible Increase in Year-on-Year Betting

May is a surprisingly good month for some betting markets in the US. Normally, the start of summer means a slight dip in betting activity. With less sports events to bet on, betting activity becomes lean as well. This may be the case in Kansas, but even with the dip...

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