In case you missed it, online sports betting in North Carolina is now legal, and residents can start betting today. Sportsbooks will open at noon, and a lot of people are excited to see what their options are. When it comes to online sports betting, wagering options are usually unlimited, as what you can see in the sports betting software. Will this be the case with North Carolina?

In the US, the decision to allow or regulate sports betting is the decision of each state to make. The state legislature is in charge of drafting and passing sports betting bills. Thus, each state will have different policies, rates, and limits when it comes to sports betting.

In fact, not all states offer online sports betting. With some states, betting on college sports is not allowed. Get the latest rundown of what residents of North Carolina can or cannot bet on.

Online Sports Betting in North Carolina Goes Live Now

What You Need to Know About Online Sports Betting in North CarolinaRetail or brick-and-mortar sports betting has been legal in North Carolina since 2021. Meaning, residents can travel to select Native American-owned casinos to place bets. While this is a good business plan, offering online wagering is surely more profitable than limiting betting to retail establishments only. Thus, legislators passed HB 347, which Governor Roy Cooper signed back in June 2023, legalizing online wagering in the state.

One of the perks of being a bookie is that you can access thousands of betting lines you can offer to your players, therefore expanding your potential to earn. In North Carolina, bettors can place wagers on professional and college sports, eSports, amateur sports, or any other event that will be approved by the Commission. Horse racing will also be available. There are no limits on college sports betting, which is great news for those who bet on NCAA basketball and NCAA football. In fact, the timing is quite perfect as we are about to enter March Madness, and North Carolina teams are still in the running.

As to what kinds of bets residents and locals can make, the variety is pretty good as well. You will learn all about the types of bets one can make when you delve deeper into knowing how to be a bookie. But for North Carolina, people can bet on single-game wagers, teasers, parlays, totals, moneylines, in-game betting, prop bets, straight bets, and any other wager types approved by the commission. A notable exception for now is with horse racing, where parimutuel betting will not be available.


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