Arizona Sportsbooks: 2023 in ReviewIts always important to read the latest bookie news and reports as you can get insight into sports betting markets. As a bookie, you need to understand the direction the market is going, and anticipate what will happen in the future. That way, you can align your strategies with the market, and potentially earn more. Reading through reports from other markets will also help you identify which sports are popular, and which are more lucrative than others. Today, we will take a look at Arizona sportsbooks and how they did in 2023.

First, let us take a look at their numbers in a single month. In December 2023, sportsbooks took in $693.3 million in wagers, which is slightly less than November’s $713.5 million. But despite the decrease the amount wagered still makes them a large betting market in the US. Revenue for December jumps with a 9.5% hold at $48.3 million in adjusted revenue. That is 138% higher than the previous month. So even if there were less wagers, they earned more because the hold percentage increased in December. Given how popular sports in Atlanta is, with teams like the Atlanta Braves and the Hawks, its unsurprising to see such numbers in sportsbooks in the state.

Arizona Sportsbooks in 2023

Arizona Sportsbooks: 2023 in ReviewYou can also collate the data from your bookie software like similar to what we are doing here. You can generate daily, and even weekly reports that you can keep and analyze. Sportsbooks in Arizona have a combined total handle of $6.57 billion in 2023. This is 9% higher than the previous year. The lowest handle they have seen last year is $323.2 million, while the highest is at $713.5 million in November.

The state currently has 17 mobile sportsbooks and 14 retail betting locations. The variety of options from players make it easy for people to bet. And since online sports betting is also legal in the state, sports betting tends to be very popular. The accessibility of online sportsbooks tends to boost betting markets compared with other states that do not offer online wagering. And if you are looking at online options, using a good PPH Sportsbook service can help you quite well.


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