When Will Sports Betting Start in Maine?Now that sports betting activity in the US is in the upswing, thanks to football betting, many are starting to notice markets where people are not allowed to bet. One of these states are Maine. However, when you do a basic search, you will see that sports betting is now actually legal in Maine. But how come there are no local sportsbooks in the state? If it is legal, then when will we see sports betting start in Maine?

First, let us look at the background of sports betting in Maine. Last May 2022, Governor Jane Mills signed into law LD 585, which legalizes sports betting in the state. Maine law requires that new bills wait for 90 days before becoming effective. This is why sports betting officially became legal in August 2022. However, a year has passed and we are yet to see a sportsbook in the state.

And when you read through bookie tutorials, you will discover that you do not need to spend a year’s time to create and launch a sportsbook- specifically online sportsbooks. In fact, using a good bookie software can help you launch a sportsbook in less than an hour, even. Maine’s law allows for 10 retail sportsbooks, plus four online sportsbooks.

Will Sports Betting Start in Maine this 2023?

When Will Sports Betting Start in Maine?If you look at the sports betting activity in your sportsbook, a year’s time can yield a good profit margin. Your bookie pay per head software has a feature where you can generate reports to monitor your revenue. And if you check your revenue, and multiply it by the number of allowable sportsbooks in Maine, you will see what they are missing out on. The state will tax revenue at 10%, and can also earn from licensing fees that range from $4,000 to $200,000 as well. That could mean millions in revenue each year they can use to fund social and economic programs in the state.

Around March this year, the Maine Gambling Control Unit (MGCU) Executive Director Milton Champion said that they would be lucky to see a January 2024 launch for sports betting in the state. In more recent months, rumors of temporary sports betting licenses being issued cam e out, which could happen around November. This could pave the way for online sports betting to launch in the state. However, we are now in the end of September with no update from the MGCU.

The lack of updates we have somehow gives credence to having the launch happen next year. This, however, seems to be more of regulatory issues, as we still have no news on the framework, license application process, requirements, and so on. Because with an actual sportsbook pay per head software, there really is no waiting period to start an online sportsbook business. These pay per head reviews can walk you through what the bookie software is, and how it helps you get into the industry easily.


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