Arizona has finally released their sports betting report for the month of August, and the numbers are good. Arizona sportsbooks are seeing a rebound in betting activity by around 11%, ending the summer season in a good note. The increase in handle shows a lot of promise, especially with September bringing in not just the start of autumn, but the football season as well.

You can also keep track of your own sportsbook’s activities and trends with the help of a good sportsbook pay per head service. They have the tools in their software to help you monitor your sportsbook’s daily and weekly action, compute for the handle, revenue, hold percentage, and other important information.

Knowing this can give you a hint of what to expect in the coming weeks or months. For instance, with sportsbooks in Arizona, the $358.8 million in wagers can mean a higher number in September. The 11% increase from July to August is quite remarkable. But Bookie PPH providers report that historically, the numbers from August to September tend to jump higher than other periods due to football betting.

Arizona Sportsbooks and August’s Numbers

Arizona Sportsbooks See Rebound in Betting ActivityAside from your handle, you also need to keep an eye out for your revenue numbers, and your hold percentage as well. This can tell if your profits are as they should be, or if there is something you can do to generate better revenue numbers. Again, opting for the use of Bookie PPH Solutions makes data gathering very easy.

Sportsbooks in Arizona have a gross revenue of $30.8 million, but the amount will still need to deduct free bets and such to get the net revenue. Meanwhile, the hold percentage for the month is quite low at 8.6%, which could explain why revenue is quite low for the month. For comparison, July’s hold was decently at 10.6%.

Many in the local industry are keeping their fingers crossed on better numbers in September. Not just with the betting handle, but with better revenue numbers as well.


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