Most of you who are involved in the bookie industry are aware of the chaos surrounding sports betting in Florida. The details can be quite confusing. Especially when there are quite a few lawsuits involved. But in the most recent developments, the state’s Seminole Tribe can resume offering retail sports betting in Florida.

And according to the tribe, this can happen starting December. They will launch wagering alongside craps and roulette. If you are just learning how to become a bookie, it will not be unusual to see other gambling products mixed with sports betting. After all, some of the most popular sportsbooks also offer casino gaming to their players.

It gives bookies another revenue stream. And that is very helpful when the sports betting season trickles to a crawl in the slow season. This is why when you are looking for the best pay per head sportsbook, make sure you have these options easily available to you.

Retail Sports Betting in Florida to Launch in December

Local Seminole Tribe to Launch Roulette, Craps, and Retail Sports Betting in FloridaThe legal issues on sports betting in the state is still ongoing, so any new decision could overturn this. But despite that, the tribe wishes to make the most of the time that they can. It should be easy for them since the framework is already there. And since they will be launching other gaming products in early December, sports betting can easily be included.

However, the tribe’s announcement on the matter does not include online sports betting. Even through mobile betting is considered to be more lucrative than just offering retail betting, allowing it could lead to more legal problems.

The debate on sports betting is ongoing. And while the discussion on adding mobile sports betting still unfinished, they will be going ahead with betting in brick-and-mortar sports betting. Which is, of course, better than not having anything available to address to an already-existing demand for sports betting. You yourself can get into the online sportsbook industry easily. These bookie pay per head reviews can help you find the best platform to help you offer online sports betting to your players.


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