The use of betting software of sportsbooks in Nevada contributes to around 66.5% of the total monthly betting handle of the state. According to the report released by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Nevada’s online sports betting handle is at $576.6 million. This is also 12% higher than the mobile betting handle of the state back in February. Using a sports betting platform has been found to help boost the sports betting market, as it has a wider reach than retail sportsbooks.

If you go through these sports betting software reviews, you will see just how many betting options are available from betting markets from across the world. Through online sportsbooks, you can place bets on events happening from the other side of the world, from the comfort of your home.

Betting Software and Nevada Sports Betting

Betting Software Use Contributes More Than Half of Nevada HandleAnd even in Nevada, where Las Vegas, the capital of gambling, sits, mobile betting still gets more wagers than brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. The total monthly betting handle of the state is at $863.3 million. This is also a higher handle than the previous month, with a 10.6% increase from February’s $512.4 million. And, looking at the numbers from March 2021, which had a handle of $641 million, we have a 34.7% year-on-year increase.

According to those who use Bookie PPH Software, basketball, specifically March Madness, and hockey were the main drivers of traffic to their sportsbooks. The same goes for Nevada sportsbooks, who saw basketball take in $708.9 million in wagers. Hockey was next at $73.9 million, while other sports took in $74 million. Experts are looking at even better numbers for April, seeing as the NBA will be in the playoffs, while the NHL postseason is also during April. In addition, you also have the MLB season starting, which can generate more action as well.

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