Now that you are done learning how to become a bookie, the next step is to familiarize yourself with the tools that you will need to become an online bookie. As you have learned, using a pay per head software is the best option- its quick, its safe, its efficient, and its affordable. And now that you have your very own online sportsbook, we’ll walk you through the beginning of using your sports betting software platform.

Keep in mind that your sports betting software platform will be the host of your sportsbook- your address, basically. So when you create your account and log in, the first few things that you need to do, is to make your business be seen. You may tweak the appearances of your sportsbook to add in your branding, but your behavior towards the people will matter as well.

Your Sports Betting Software Platform

A Guide to Using Your Sports Betting Software PlatformOnce you have personalized your sportsbook, your next step would be the finalizing the product that you are offering- and ensure that you have a large variety of products. Again, the pay per head service offers that already, so all you need to do is tweak the lines as needed. Now, you are ready to invite your players in. Depending on the provider, you either need to call an agent, or (for the really good ones), add the players yourself. You need to set the limits for each player, which can be done easily as well.

Now that you are running your sportsbook, you just need to check the lines as well as bookie news, and adjust whatever you need to adjust accordingly. Your software will also have other bookie-centric features that can help you maximize your operation, so not be afraid to explore.


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