When you manage your own bookie pph operation, its important to keep track of the activity that your sportsbook gets. It will help you find out how much you are getting, and the percentage you get to keep as revenue. It will also tell you if the events for that particular time period was popular for your players, and other relevant information. For instance, the weekly New York sports betting handle is released by the state’s gaming commission. This helps us find out how the betting market is doing.

Your sports betting software can help keep track of your sportsbook’s data. But you should be looking primarily at your handle and revenue. Let us take a look at New York’s numbers. In the week that ends April 23, the state’s online sportsbooks took in $371.3 million in wagers. This is higher than the previous week’s handle of $321.3 million, and the highest weekly mobile betting handle that the state has seen.

Weekly New York Sports Betting Handle and Revenue

Weekly New York Sports Betting Handle Climbs UpIn addition, the state’s sportsbooks also set a record for the highest weekly gross gambling revenue that week. The GGR is at $45 million, and a hold of 13% for sportsbooks. The betting market is truly doing well, with sportsbooks taking in over $1 billion in mobile bets in just three weeks. This would be an ambitious goal to have for those who use a sportsbook pay per head service. But it is a great indicator of how active the sports betting community is.

But if we look at the numbers and betting trend, it still looks like March will hold the highest monthly handle in the state. Sportsbooks in New York took in a total of $1.79 billion in wagers for March. March is one of the few months that sportsbooks tend to record the highest handle, and this is largely due to college basketball betting, specifically March Madness betting.


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