2021 is proving to be a great year for the gambling and sports betting industry- and we are only 3 months in. The January numbers for the biggest betting markets in the country is now in, and the US sports betting industry sets a record of more than $4 billion in one month alone. According to the best sportsbook pay per head of 2021, this year will be profitable and better than 2020, even if we are still in a pandemic.

So far, the total sports betting handle of the US for January 2021 is $4.375 billion. This is the highest collective handle the US has. It is also the 4th month straight that the total handle of the country has increased from its previous month. Many bookie solutions experts easily anticipate that the $5 billion handle goal of the industry can easily happen in the early parts of 2021.

US Sports Betting Industry

US Sports Betting Industry Sets a Record High $4 Billion Handle in JanuaryJanuary’s numbers are primarily driven by bets on the National Football League (NFL) for Super Bowl. The attention of sports bettor in the following month shifts to basketball, since March Madness is coming up. Of course, it is also worth noting to those who want to open a sportsbook that the NBA is also in the middle of the season. In fact, just before March Madness, the NBA All Star events will be happening. Which is another popular week for the professional basketball league.

New Jersey, Nevada, and Pennsylvania continue to be the top sports betting markets in the country. Since 2020, these states dominate the market. However, states like Illinois, may unseat one of the top 3 states. In January alone, Illinois has a $581.5 million sports betting handle. Given that the sports calendar will get busier in the next few months, its highly possible that we will see the country’s betting market break the current record high for betting handle.

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