is a very recently launched sportsbook pay per head service. And since they are new, we are curious to see how they fare compared to the established pay per head sportsbook providers. Let’s walk through the basics of the company, the site, and go through our usual registration process. Finally, we will top off our review with our pph review recommendation.

Of course, we will try to give you accurate information about them, but as it is with new sites, always take it with a grain of salt. The results may vary, but overall, we will see how competitive the newer sites are. Especially since its risky to invest in unfamiliar sites. Pay Per Head Information:

      • Inception: 2017
      • Telephone: 1-888-623-5053
      • Email: [email protected]
      • Live Chat: Yes
      • Website:
  • Software: DGS
  • Products: racebook, online casino, live betting, sports betting, and live casino, online wagering, telephone wagering, mobile platform, player bonuses
  • Price Per Player: $4 and up
  • Private Website Available: Yes Pay Per Head Review

Looking at the site, it has the features that sportsbooks use to attract customers: flashy and colorful pages. It seems a bit tacky, as the implementation for whatever design they had comes out, well, not with a modern design. It certainly has a feel of having a site rehashed where you just take out the aesthetics and slap in a new one, but still offer the features that are available for quite some time already.

Registration was okay. Too many questions. We did not feel the need to pick the design or the look of our site as soon as we sign up since we cannot see the software in its entirety. There are no more phone calls needed, but again, this is something we have already seen before.

As for the price, the $4 fee seems attractive at first, but is very impractical. The $4 per head does not include features like phone wagering. Again, this is something other sportsbooks offer for free. This means, with, you end up paying more and more and will realize that the $4 was a sham.

Our Recommendation about

The site is new, the team experienced. And yet it looks a lot like you copy-pasted a sportsbook and put it in there to earn a few extra bucks. The prices vary and are misleading. This is a dangerous if you have already started out since you will realize on that you will be paying more.

Its difficult to say about the reliability of the site, although they do have top-notch security for their site. It is a risk you could take.But given the price and the features and all the misleading to get you to sign up, you are definitely better off with other more established pph providers.

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 by Craig
Not Worth It

The whole feel of the site was very average. But what was disappointing was the fees. The price of the service depends on what you need. So imagine coming in expecting paying around $4 or a dollar more only to realize that you will need to spend more to get more. Very misleading and I hate sites that do that. its practically a switch and bait, so its a no for me.