Sports betting has been legal in the US for around six years. The industry has grown since then, earning billions each year. And as successful as it is, the industry, along with its technology and policy, continue to evolve. This allows regulators and operators to provide consumers with the best gambling and betting experience, while also ensuring consumer protections are in place. And recently, US states and their legislatures are looking at certain restrictions in sports betting and gambling in the US.

Issues US States Face in Sports Betting and Gambling

US States Mull Certain Restrictions in Sports Betting and GamblingThe first issue that came up was betting on college player prop bets, with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) asking state regulators to ban player prop bets. This is to help protect the integrity of both athletes and the sport. Some states are already doing this, while some states are still looking at the issue. If you look at the reports from your sportsbook pay per head software, player prop bets are very popular, and lucrative. So cutting access to these wagers can affect the revenue of sportsbooks.

The second issue is to prohibit the use of credit cards to fund gambling activities, from sports betting, to casino gaming, and even the lottery. When you read through this bookie pay per head guide, you will find out the many payment methods you can use in your sportsbook. Some sportsbooks allow the use of credit cards for deposits, but some do not.

Current Efforts of Legislators in Restrictions in Sports Betting and Gambling

Quite a lot of states are looking into revising regulations to add restrictions on the two issues. Once finalized, bettors will be able to see the changes in their sportsbooks. As an independent bookie, however, you will still retain the freedom to offer the products you want in your sports betting software. Here are some state legislatures tackling the issue as of late:

  • US States Mull Certain Restrictions in Sports Betting and GamblingWyoming. Wyoming will start discussing restrictions on college player prop betting.
  • Pennsylvania. Senator Wayne Fontana filed SB 1159, which will ban the use of credit cards to fund online gambling activities. If this bill passes, they will join Iowa, Massachusetts, and Tennessee in not allowing the use of credit cards in gambling.
  • North Carolina. Rep. Marcia Morey is planning to pass a bill banning college player prop bets.
  • Louisiana. Starting August 1 this year, player prop betting will no longer be allowed in Louisiana. They follow the footsteps of Ohio, which implemented the ban back in February, and Maryland, who banned theirs in March.


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