Getting the local government to allow people to open a sportsbook can be quite challenging in the US. While some states are eager to launch a regulated sports betting market, some are lagging behind. On one hand, you have states like Nevada, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, who have billions of dollars in handle in the past year alone. On the other hand, you have states like New York, California, and Texas, who are hesitant to even consider allowing online sports betting within state lines. In an effort to fast-track things, Texas professional sports teams support sports betting by forming an alliance.

The Sports Betting Alliance, is formed by 5 professional sports teams. You have the Dallas Cowboys, FC Dallas, Dallas Mavericks, the Dallas Stars, and the Texas Rangers. These teams have formed a coalition that aims to help legalize sports betting in Texas. The best pay per head bookie providers know that these teams alone have a solid fan base that can translate to a large volume of wagers.

Sports Teams Support Sports Betting

Texas Professional Sports Teams Support Sports BettingSimilar to what pro sports leagues in California, Massachusetts, and Georgia, Texas teams are bringing their presence to support a sports betting market. They are also working with other betting platforms to back legislation that will allow sports betting in the state. Not only will it help sports leagues engage more with their fans, but the state can collect on taxes and licensing fees in a regulated market.

Difficult as it is to pass gambling laws in Texas, there are efforts to legalize sports betting in the state. For one, you have HB1121, which aims to allow mobile sports betting and have a 6.25% tax rate. But hope remains slim as the Texas constitution will need amendment to allow sports betting, then another bill to legalize and set the terms of the market. Many look to pay per head solutions to help them set their sportsbooks online. As for bettors, they either go to their favorite bookies, or travel out of state to go for brick-and-mortar sportsbooks.


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