As we hear more bookie news about partnerships between sports leagues and sports betting software operators, the question of integrity comes up. This is a big issue. Sports leagues are starting to address the issues of data accuracy in sports betting.

Sportsradar, in particular has signed a multiple year contract with the Major League Baseball (MLB). This means that sportsradar will have the authority to provide real time game data and statistics. This data will be given to media outlets, as well as sports betting operators.

Sportsradar and the MLB

Aside from this, Sportsradar will also have the right to provide audio, as well as video feeds of the baseball games to operators of sports betting. Meanwhile, it will be sportsradar’s responsibility to provide Integrity Services to the MLB. This means, that they will be monitoring games, and checking for probable match or game fixing. And if there is cause for suspicion, they will be the ones who will investigate this.

And this will benefit pay per head bookie software operators as well. As they will be able to access real time statistics. They are also accurate, so there will be less chances of errors in wagers. The addition of video feeds is welcome, too. At the same time, bettors are assured that the MLB is taking this seriously. And that their ability to place bets will not be eclipsed by match fixers. Of course, this is a welcome move for the MLB as well. Especially after past issues such as Pete Rose getting banned from baseball after it was discovered that he was betting on the games.

A lot of fans are also hoping that more sports leagues will do this, to ensure that sports betting will not change the way these sports are run. Of course, the NFL and the NBA are two other major sports leagues that are being pressed, but these leagues are asking for integrity fees from operators instead.

Hopefully, the MLB’s deal with Sportsradar will serve as a guide for other sports leagues to follow suit.

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