Police are currently investigating the death of hockey star Adam Johnson. He died when a skate slashed his throat during a freak accident. Also, it happened during the game between Sheffield Steelers and Nottingham Panthers at the Utilita Arena Sheffield.

Fans and teammates have been leaving touching tributes to the American athlete today. Also, they are asking the organization to take care of the other player who was injured in the matchup. He was declared dead at the hospital, and his family phoned South Yorkshire Police at 8:25 p.m.

According to sports news reports, the event is still being investigated. Also, police officers are still present at the location.

Death of Hockey Star Adam Johnson

Police Investigate Death of Hockey Star Adam JohnsonNottingham Panthers forward Adam Johnson broke the defensive zone and skated in on the Sheffield net with 6:16 left in the second period.

He made a break for the open ice by attempting to carry the puck over the blue line. Sheffield’s Matt Petgrave, who was back-checking Johnson’s partner Otto Nieminen, shifted his focus to Johnson. Every hockey fan’s worst dread materialized in that arena.

It appeared that Petgrave was trying to check, trip, or halt Johnson’s progress as he attempted to move into open ice by utilizing himself and Nieminen as a type of pick. Johnson was instead slashed across the throat by Petgrave’s soaring skate.

As soon as Johnson hit the ice, Nieminen rushed to his side to pull him up and held his glove to Johnson’s neck to staunch the bleeding. There was no use for it. The 29-year-old Minnesota resident was pronounced dead at a local hospital despite the presence of medical personnel.

When you consider how many nations and at what levels hockey is played, you realize that deaths directly related to playing on the ice are unusual. At the highest professional level, just a handful of occurrences have occurred in the previous two decades, most of them involving head injuries sustained from puck contact.

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