The Pennsylvania sports betting market has performed wonderfully in 2021. Yet the latest Pennsylvania gambling industry report from December shows a decrease in betting handle. Even though the year ends with a drop in handle, the percentage is quite minimal. From November 2021’s $761.6 million, the handle drops by 1.47% to $750.4 million. But those looking to start a bookie operation would know better and look at year on year data. Here, we do see a lot of growth, as December 2020’s $548.6 million gives is a 36.8% rise in the December handle for 2021.

Additionally, the numbers are good for those who run a bookie PPH. In Pennsylvania, majority of the wagers, 92.3% specifically, come from online sportsbooks. The total mobile handle for the state for December is $693.3 million, 1.53% lower than November’s $704.1 million. It is, however, 29.5% higher than December 2020, so we are still seeing significant growth in sports betting.

Pennsylvania Gambling Industry

Pennsylvania Gambling Industry Sees Increase in iGaming while Sports Betting DropsBut when it comes to Pennsylvania, sports betting is not the only form of gambling we should be looking at. iGaming is very popular in the state. Table games have a gross revenue of $83.4 million. This is 0.6% higher than November’s $82.9 million. Meanwhile interactive slots gaming revenue is $68.8 million. This is 8.3% higher than November’s $63.5 million. The numbers on both sports betting and iGaming could potentially increase as the state releases another operating license, which gives bettors more options available.

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