The Olympics are considered by many in the industry to be a big boon to pay per head sportsbooks. The 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics are finally happening. Many players are eager to bet on their country, favorite athletes, or favorite sports. And many bookies are looking forward to over 300 betting events that will happen throughout the tournament. The games will be a huge boost to sportsbooks to generate action and revenue as there are less sports events this month.

This will be the first time that an Olympics event will be in sportsbooks since the PASPA repeal. The 2018 Winter Games can only be bet on by Nevada bettors since sports betting was not legal in other states then. Now, with the sports betting market remarkably larger than it was 3 years ago, the expectations are high. And, with online sports betting being so popular, you won’t need to fly to Tokyo to experience the action on Olympics betting.

Pay Per Head Sportsbooks and Olympics

Olympics a Boon to Pay Per Head SportsbooksOf course, your pay per head software will offer wagers for all events in the tournament. Of course, there will be more wagers such as total medal wins. So far, the most popular Olympic sports that people bet on are soccer and basketball. Especially for those in the US. However, traditional Olympic games are also a popular option for many bettors. There will also be new sports events this time around that will be exciting for people to bet on as well.

The Tokyo Summer Olympics will begin this Friday, and will last until August 8. Now, since COVID-19 cases are still rampant, there will most likely be event cancellations when athletes test positive. So, we recommend that you check with your pay per head solutions provider to make sure you are using the best. Keep your lines updated, and monitor your players’ wagers on Olympic games. You have 330+ events to help boost your sportsbook profits.


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