When learning how to be a bookie, you will need to stay updated with the latest happenings in the sports betting and gambling industry in general. It helps to know and understand the trends in the industry. It will also help to gain knowledge of the sports betting landscape so you can know about the latest developments in products and technology. More so, it can help you formulate your strategies for your operation, and check out your competition as well. In today’s news, we are checking the latest details on the North Carolina sports betting bill changes in the legislature.

House Bill 347 aims to legalize up to 12 online sportsbook operators to offer online betting in the state. The bill has just left the Senate for consideration. Specifically, in the Senate commerce and insurance committee. The bill now moves to the Senate finance committee for review.

There are, however, changes made to the bill, which means that if the bill passes the Senate, it will have to go back to the House of Representatives for another round of review and voting. Only then will it move to the office of the Governor.


North Carolina Sports Betting Bill Changes


North Carolina Sports Betting Changes in Senate

As a bookie, one of your biggest concerns will be finding an affordable sportsbook software to keep your revenue higher. For the state, however, they are concerned with more than that- particularly the state’s cut on sports betting. For instance, HB 347 has a proposal for 14% tax, but the Senate committee adjusts it to 18%. Given how sports betting is so profitable, sportsbooks and the state will be able to earn millions each year.

In addition, adding retail or in-person betting in or near professional sports venues is also part of the revision. Pari-mutuel horse racing and betting is also an addition. These revisions are very practical, as it can help the would-be industry generate even more revenue from more gaming streams. This is why in a Pay Per Head software, you will find not just sportsbook services, but horse racing and casino gaming services as well.

Should the bill and its revision pass both chambers, and gains the approval of the Governor, then sports betting may likely go live on January 8, 2024 at the earliest. When this happens, North Carolina residents will be able to place wagers on the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl from their own devices.


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