The Mississippi bookie handle grows by 17% in January, according to the latest report from the state. From December’s slump of $56,839,743 to January’s $66,523,295. The pay per head bookie industry also reports higher betting activity this January, a great start to the year. But more than the increase in handle, Mississippi sportsbooks have a much better reason to celebrate.

Mississippi sportsbooks are seeing a massive 101.4% increase in revenue. From December’s revenue of $3,238,730, the January revenue is $6,521,389. Not all betting markets have seen this much an increase in revenue. But if you look at bookie tutorials, you will hear from experts that online sports betting can even push your revenue higher. And currently, Mississippi does not have this yet.

Mississippi Bookie Market: Missing Out on Online Betting

Mississippi Bookie Market Reports Climb in HandleThe use of bookie software makes it easier for sportsbooks to get more wagers in. Industry experts will say that Mississippi is not even tapping its full potential in terms of market share. The only wagers they get are from people who visit physical sportsbooks and casinos to place bets. But if it were accessible for many to see the odds and place bets from their phones or laptops, then the state could be reporting much higher numbers than they are now.

Just this year, House Bill 184 was introduced by a lawmaker, but was marked as “failed” in February 1. The bill was proposing to allow for mobile sports betting in the state. Many hope that the state would recognize the demand for online betting. They only have to look at states like New Jersey and New York and see just how successful their mobile sports betting markets are.


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