Illinois Extends Remote Registration for Online Sports BettingMany who have the best betting software make sure that their products are easily accessible to their customers. After all, what is the point of having an app or website that you can use on your device if you cannot use it easily? So, when you create your own sportsbook, you make it easy for your players. For instance, you can just send your players a link to your sportsbook. They can just log in, and immediately start checking the odds.

However, this is not the case in some areas like Illinois. Under Illinois law, qualified residents can only place bets in online sportsbooks after they register in a casino or retail sportsbook in person. It does seem counterintuitive, but that is the law in the state. Something you will hardly encounter with any pay per head bookie solution. But due to the pandemic, this particular requirement for remote registration for online sports betting is being waived for the meantime.

Remote Registration for Online Sports Betting in Illinois

Currently, there is an order to extend the previous measure to temporarily remove the in-person registration requirement for mobile betting in the state. It is slated to expire this weekend. However, Governor JB Pritzker, yet again, extends this to February 6, under a reissue of Order 2020-41. With the many cases of COVID-19 in the state, it is much safer for many to avoid going out unnecessarily. For the gambling industry, it means allowing the customers to be able to join online sportsbooks without having to go out of their homes.

And there is good reason to extend the measure. According to the latest data, this helps the local betting market. Online sports betting in the state takes up 94.3% of the total handle of $436.4 million in October. And once iGaming will be legal in the state, the same regulation will be implemented. But, as any owner of a bookie pay per head solution would tell you, accessibility and ease of use is very important in retaining your customers, so hopefully the state will continue to remove the in-person or remote registration for online gambling.


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