It is a good week for Vermont residents, as the Governor signs the Vermont sports betting bill into law. This means that pretty soon, the Green Mountain State will be host to online sportsbooks. Residents will be able to bet on sports, except for Vermont college teams unless they are playing in a tournament.

If you decide to get into the business of online sports betting, this affordable sportsbook software can help you get started easily. And there is no better time than now, because online sports betting is definitely on the rise. In Vermont, however, residents will have to wait until January to be able to access an online sportsbook.

The law states that sports betting should not start later than January, but they can also ask sportsbooks to go live earlier, barring any problems with regulations and licensing issues. The state’s Department of Liquor and Lottery will serve as the oversight for the local market. They can select for up to 6 operators of online sportsbooks. The law even states that they can choose so accredit just one, or even none at all, if the application process yields poor results.

Vermont Sports Betting Bill and What to Expect

Governor Signs the Vermont Sports Betting Bill Into LawMuch like any online bookie software, the sports betting products available will be vast. Residents can bet on sports events from anywhere in the world. Even if Vermont is a smaller state compared to others, it will still cater to the resident’s demand for sports betting. Currently, residents will have to travel to other New England states to be able to place wagers.

With the new law, residents can simply use their phones, laptops, or tablets, and log in to their preferred sportsbook. Should you want to be a bookie and offer quality sports betting products, then a sportsbook pay per head service is what you will need.

The law only allows for online wagering, so do not expect retail betting shops to prop up in the year. In addition, residents cannot use credit cards to place wagers, a rule that all Vermont lottery games are subject to.

The Department of Liquor and Lottery aims to go live by January, as mentioned earlier. In the months remaining until then, they will be forming regulations, licensing requirements and such. Applicants will then be able to submit their papers and wait if they will gain approval. If approved, they can prepare and wait for the go signal to go live.


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