In the latest bookie pay per head news, we’ll take a look at sports that are growing in terms of popularity and betting handle. While golf may not seem like the most obvious selection, the sport actually is doing better. In fact, golf gains popularity in 2020, and will continue to do so in the next few years.

Many believe that the seemingly laid-back sport is not worth your time when you see odds on your bookie PPH. But the truth is, there is a good amount of excitement over betting on golf. Not only that, but there is a large number of tournaments that happen all around the world. And just like in tennis, a simple change of venue can affect the strength of a particular athlete. It could not be more obvious in golf.

Golf Gains Popularity

Golf Gains Popularity in 2020Golf gains popularity in playing, in watching, and in betting. But lockdowns in early 2020 has caused the sport to drop in activity. Resuming the sport, however, was easier, since measures such as social distancing is easier as you walk across wide fields in any course. In fact, the numbers of new golfers are similar to the numbers inspired by Tiger’s win in the 1997 Masters.

While the pandemic still causes havoc on numbers, many in the industry are excited for golf. With more people playing golf, the audience for golf tournaments also increase. With golf gaining popularity, more and more sports bettors will see the potential of earning more through golf betting. For those who want to offer golf in their sportsbooks, you can check out these bookie pay per head reviews. And while you are at it, just take a look at the action you can find on the ongoing Masters in Augusta.


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