In the latest Bookie news, the NCAA is getting closer and closer to the championship round. The Sweet Sixteen turned out a good profit for bookie PPH everywhere. From over 60 teams, after this week, we will be down to the NCAA Elite Eight. Of course, selecting the teams to bet on gets easier, and a bit more challenging. There will be the odd team that will just beat all predictions and fly through the championship. Otherwise, your picks should be easier.

NCAA Elite Eight

For example, if you look at the history of the teams in the NCAA, plus the structure of the league, you’ll know that higher seeds get in. The lowest seed that has ever gotten into the Final Four was a number 11 seed. And throughout the history of the tournament, there are only 4 teams that have done that.

Looking at this year’s Sweet Sixteen, yesterday’s game was mostly about Number 1 seeds: you have Virginia and Gonzaga, who beat out Number 12 seed Oregon and number 4 seed Florida State. You have a few surprises, with Purdue winning (seed number 3) against Tennessee. Another surprise was Michigan losing to Texas Tech. Tonight’s games will be Seed 1 Duke facing Virginia Tech and Kentucky (seed 2) with seed 3 Houston.

For the South Division, we have Seed 3 Purdue playing against seed 1 Virginia. And for the West division, Gonzaga (seed 1) will play against Seed 3 Texas Tech. For the East, you have seed 4 Virginia Tech playing against Michigan State. As for the Midwest, Seed 5 Auburn will play against whoever wins between Kentucky (seed 2) and seed 3 Houston.

The elite eight schedule will be March 30, 6:00 PM ET, and 8:30 PM ET for the South or West Regionals. March 31, Sunday will be the East or Midwest Regionals. The first game will be at 2:00 PM ET, while the second game will be at 4:55 PM ET. Your pay per head operations will continue to be busy with NCAA action until early April, so buck up.