Consistent with a lot of other betting markets across the country, Colorado sportsbooks see less betting activity in April. However, this is quite surprising for the state. If you manage your own bookie pay per head sportsbook, then you know how busy April was for Colorado sports teams. For one, the Denver Nuggets had their playoff games in April, then the Colorado Avalanche with their playoffs as well. The Colorado Rockies also had their opening series. In addition, you also have the NCAA Tournament Championship in early April.

Despite all these events, bettors in the state still placed less wagers for April than the previous month. And if we look at the numbers, this is the lowest monthly handle that the state has seen this year. When you start running your own sportsbook, make use of the reporting system that your sportsbook pph software has to keep track of your sportsbook’s betting activity as well.

Doing so will help you understand not just the state of your sportsbook, but also why your sportsbooks numbers are such. For Colorado sportsbooks, there are 15.5% less month on month betting. This brings the April handle to just $417.8 million.

Colorado Sportsbooks See Less Betting Activity, But Why?

Colorado Sportsbooks See Less Betting Activity in AprilYou can check these bookie pay per head reviews to find a lot of great resources to help you understand sports betting software, and be able to see and understand the status of your sportsbook operation. But an easy explanation for Colorado’s is that there are fewer sports events held in April. In fact, a lot of markets across the country report less handle in April, and this trend can continue on until April.

Many in the industry were probably expecting better numbers, given the activity of local teams. But alas, this is not the case. The numbers are still quite good, given the drop, because the handle is still better than April 2022’s handle.

March is also a very popular month for sports betting, so there tends to be a decline in handle. If you notice this with your sportsbook, then it could simply be due to the sports calendar. During the spring, and well into the summer, there will be less sports, with sports betting focusing more on baseball, hockey, and other sports like tennis, and soccer.


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