Over 50 million viewers tuned in to the Chiefs-Bills game last Sunday night, making it the most viewed divisional playoff game. If you look at the latest sports news, you know it could be for different reasons. Its given that Taylor Swift watches the chiefs game- and the Swifties come with the package. Then you have football fans looking forward to finally seeing Jason Kelce of the Eagles watch and support his brother. He ended up stealing the spotlight going topless when his brother, Travis Kelce, scored a TD. It could be a combination of all these things, and more.

And of course, this was the game that determined the spot in the AFC Championship, so fans of both the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills went all out to watch the game. And just how popular was this game? It is the most viewed since the Super Bowl last year between the Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. It is also the first NFL divisional playoff game in history to get more than 50 million viewers.

This means that out of the 50 million, you also have a sizeable chunk of bettors placing wagers on that game. And your sportsbook would have been very busy taking in action on that game. As long as you are using a good PayPerHead software, you will easily manage the surge in bets in your sportsbook.

Chiefs-Bills Game Outcome

Chiefs-Bills Game Is Most Viewed Divisional Playoff Game in the NFLThe game ended with a victory for the Chiefs 27-24. And it was a very exciting game to watch. If you have been in the gambling industry long enough, then you know that sometimes, its not just about the games, but the match up. And the drama that the Bills and Chiefs rivalry bring is top-notch.

You also have some pretty big names in the field, which is very popular for prop bets and parlays. Two-time MVP Patrick Mahomes was 100% in the game, pushing for another championship run, and the Bills have Josh Allen, who fought to win a first postseason win against the Chiefs.

Even with the chilly weather, fans and bettors were kept warm cheering for both teams, with the fourth quarter the most exciting. The lead switched between the two teams for a few times, which finally ended with 1:43 remaining with the Chiefs at the lead. This is the sixth straight AFC win for the Chiefs, who hope to turn it into a seventh as they face the Baltimore Ravens, the conference’s top seed this season.


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