Arizona’s sportsbooks are reporting a drop in sports betting handle from January to February. According to the Arizona bookie industry, January’s numbers are record-breaking for the state, but the following month is a bit lower. The total sports betting handle for the state in January is at $563.695 million. Meanwhile, February’s handle is 12.8% lower at $491.6 million.

But the decrease in handle should not be cause for worry. Many Bookie PPH experts are saying that the decrease in handle is not unusual, and is typical with the movement of the market.

If one looks at the sports calendar in the US, they will see that there are fewer sports betting events in February. This reflects the gambling products, and does not necessarily mean less interest in sports betting. Checking these trends are important, which you can read more about in this tutorial on how to be a bookie.

Arizona Bookie Industry

Arizona Bookie Industry Reports See Stable Betting Industry Despite Drop in February HandleAs for those in the bookie pay per head industry, mobile betting was still largely popular. In Arizona, majority of the wagers placed come from online sportsbooks. The total monthly betting handle in Arizona for February is $488.31 million. This is 12.6% lower than January’s $558.695 million. March may prove to be a better month for sportsbooks, with more weekends and sports events than February.

Currently, Arizona ranks 6th in the national level in terms of the highest sports betting handles. New York sits at the top with $1.5 billion in betting handle, followed by New Jersey at $985.5 million, and Nevada at $780.7 million. The big three are followed by Illinois with $679.3 million, Pennsylvania at $597 million, then Arizona at $491.6 million. Colorado takes the 7th spot with $440.5 million.


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