It looks like gamblers don’t need to cross state lines to place their bets. If the reports are true, 20 states intend to legalize sports betting this year. They want to have a new source of tax revenue after the Supreme Court lifted the ban on sports betting.

Once states legalize sports betting, they need to ensure the tax rates are competitive. High taxes on betting will make people turn to illegal markets. Tax rates must help boost revenues and not hurt them in the long run.

Pay per head sportsbook providers are waiting to see which states will give sports betting a try. They will find out later this week as state legislatures go back into session.

The Process to Legalize Sports Betting

legalize sports bettingThere are some states where lawmakers have already filed sports legislation. Legislators in some states also indicated their intention to file new legislation as soon as the session starts. Some notable states are Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia.

In 2018, lawmakers in Kentucky got the blessing of the state attorney general to make sports betting legal. Two bills are up for consideration this year.

In Missouri, lawmakers filed six bills last year but failed to achieve any success. Some legislators want to include an integrity fee into the law. At present, only one bill was pre-filed. Although it didn’t include fees payable to any organization, it does include a percentage for the maintenance of sports facilities.

Ohio might not have any sport betting bills in 2018, its lawmakers did state their intent to legalize sports betting. State lawmakers also reintroduced a shell of a bill for the upcoming session.

At present, Tennessee bans any form of gambling within its state line. However, there’s hope for gamblers in the state with the filing of the Tennessee sports betting bill. Once enacted, it will create the Tennessee Gaming Commission to oversee all wagering activities.

There’s no doubt that more states want to get their share of the legal gambling revenue. This is good news for top bookie PPH providers across the nation.