When you manage a sportsbook with the use of a bookie pay per head service, you will gain access to features that can help you track your sportsbook’s data. You can then use this to analyze the basic metrics like handle, revenue, hold percentage and more. But more than that, you can also check on your players. You can look at the total amount they have wagered, where these wagers were made, and so on. Find out why you should know your players betting habits in today’s tutorial.

The first reason why you should know your players’ habits, is for your own security. There are a lot of bettors who try to find ways to beat the system by hedging bets in different sportsbooks, or you might find sharps who are very quick to move. In this case, your betting software can easily help identify these players. Normally, when players go deep in betting, the wagers they make will not look normal. Since they have calculated payouts and such, instead of standard wagers like, 20, 25, 50, and so on, you might find bets that have fractions. When you see this, keep an eye out for these players and deal with them accordingly.

Your Players Betting Habits

Why You Should Know Your Players Betting HabitsAnother reason is for practicality. You will want to know which sport your players bet on. This can help you plan out your sportsbook operations, your cash flow, promotions, and so on. For instance, if you notice that most of your bettors tend to bet on basketball and football, then expect to be busy from around September to March.

But the data will also tell you that between April and August, things might be slow. Thus, you need to find out what you can do to ensure that your sportsbook stays afloat during these slow months. This means getting players who like to bet on other sports like baseball, soccer, and more. It could also mean getting your current players interested to bet on other sports.

Knowing your players’ behavior is common in any industry. Aside from KYC (Know Your Customer) practices to ensure safety and security, it also becomes part of the data that you will analyze when you want to start planning on how you can earn even more in your sportsbook business. With providers like Bwager.com, you can easily gather the information you need to do so.


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