Those who are new to the bookie PPH software industry may wonder what PPH means. It is an acronym for pay per head. But what exactly does it mean, and why are bookie software always pay per head software?

It really is simple. The software service is the term used because we are paying per player that we have in a sportsbook. That means as a Bookie PPH, you will be billed per head, or per player. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of your money to create your own software, you can use the best sportsbook software to help you manage your business, with a very affordable business payment plan.

Bookie PPH Software

Why is a Bookie PPH Software Called Pay Per Head Software?Your pay per head bookie business will go online as soon as you open it, and give access to your players. Now, the pay per head provider will be looking at which players in your sportsbook have placed a wager. They will get a total amount on a weekly basis, and the number will be multiplied to the pay per head fee (for example, $5), to get your weekly fee.

Keep in mind, that not all bookie pay per head providers are equal. Some will give you the whole software service with the given rate. Meawhile, some will tack on certain fees for certain services that is not part of their base rate. So when choosing a pay per head provider, make sure that you read the fine print.

The best thing about this, is that this is a flat fee for each player, which you can easily recoup from their vig. It does not matter how many wagers a player makes each week. If you player is inactive for a certain week, then they will not be counted. Their data will also stay safe and secure, even if they are inactive. As a bookie, you will be in charge of giving and revoking access to your players. Now that you understand the essence of a bookie pay per head software, its time that you try it out for yourself.


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Bookie Pay Per Head Service