Our Bookie Pay Per Head Reviews are meant give you, our readers, an in-depth look at the software providers available in the market. Since the PPH Bookie Software will be your center of operations, it is very important to ensure you are happy with the services provided since it will be a hassle for you to have to switch to a better one later on.

One of the sites we are reviewing is known in the business. They have been in business since 2013. However, we’ve been hearing about some complaints, so ew want to take a closer look at them, here in our PremierPerHead.com Review.


PremierPerHead.com Pay Per Head Information:

        • Inception: 2013
        • Telephone:1-800-685-6409
        • Email: [email protected]
        • Live Chat: Yes
        • Website: http://premierperhead.com
    • Software: DGS and ASI
    • Products: racebook, online casino, live betting, sports betting, and live casino, online wagering, telephone wagering, mobile platform, player bonuses
    • Price Per Player: $10 and up
    • Private Website Available: Yes

    PremierPerHead.com Pay Per Head Review

    Let’s begin with signing up to the site. Registration was a huge fail. It was not an automatic process unlike our favorite pay per head providers. Its a simple problem that can be improved on easily, especially if this is the first impression that we users take from the experience.

    Once we were able to make a deposit (a few hundred $ in our case), we were able to finally log in and use the software. Keep in mind that the 4 weeks free that they are mentioning is NOT a free trial. You pay up front a deposit but the first 4 weeks will be free. So do not be mislead by the wording or anything. We’re saying it here so you don’t get surprised or anything that you’ll be asked to pay up during registration.

    Their customer service channels are extensive. They have phone support, chat through different sites, even text and telegram. I guess they invested in good customer service since you will need to get in touch with them. The software we were using for their site was a bit old-school and traditional, and we are being polite here.

    But looks and interface aside, their reports are well-made and very informative for bookies. They also have exclusive features like bet comparisons. For the players, there’s little to complain about since the player website looks great and is easy to use.

    Our Recommendation about PremierPerHead.com

    PremierPerHead.com is an okay site. While there are some unique features, most of the software features we use as bookies are pretty much outdated. The site is useable, but for the price of $10, you can do better with more reasonably-priced Pay Per Head providers that offer newer technologies and more bang for your buck.


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     by Earl G.
    Glad I did not stay

    This site is not worth your money. They are too expensive and don't have as much options as the one I use now.