PartyPoker launched a free training tool that can turn you into a better poker player. Aside from being a training tool, the MyGame Whiz also provides reports. Thus, it will allow you to take your poker game to the next level.

When you enable it in your PartyPoker account settings, you will never want to play online poker without MyGame Whiz. Although it is not yet accessible on mobile, MyGame Whiz starts analyzing your play as soon as you launch the desktop client. While MyGame Whiz observes from the sidelines, you can begin playing cash games of No-Limit Hold’em or Pot-Limit Omaha cash games or skip ahead to tournament poker, including SPINS.

When you go to the Live Feed tab in MyGame Whiz, it will start recording everything you play. The best way to play the hand is available under the Chat tab. If you play a good hand, MyGame Whiz will tell you so and offer advice on improving your game for the next time you are dealt a comparable hand.

Better Poker Player with MyGame Whiz

PartyPoker’s MyGame Whiz Will Turn You into a Better Poker PlayerAfter a hand is over, you may go back and see how you should have played it with the help of MyGame Whiz. Some online poker teaching sites would probably charge a significant penny for this fantastic feature.

Playing 100 hands is the minimum need for MyGame Whiz to produce a report card reminiscent of those given out by schoolteachers. According to bookie pay per head solutions experts, there are five main sections to your MyGame report card: crucial statistics, stealth, and blind defense, three and four bets, aggression after the flip, showdowns, and shorter stack play. It compares your statistics to ideal ones and allows you to expand each category to provide far more detailed facts. After that, it assigns you a grade from A to F, with A being the best possible mark!

Using MyGame Whiz, you can see precisely where your statistics are severely lacking and receive straightforward advice to improve. For instance, MyGame Whiz can indicate that your positional awareness is lacking in the face of a raise. Afterward, it draws attention to a few lessons that might be useful to you, such as the optimal beginning hands for full-ring games or a class about the significance of the position. Based on your total score, your report card also assigns you a level out of seven for your skills.

In other gambling news, there are strict casino measures in Queensland. Regulators implemented them to protect players better.

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