NFL Prop Bets: a Basic Guide for BookiesEvery pay per head bookie should have extensive knowledge of football, along with the different types of wagers one can make on a football game. Of course, there are the basics: the moneyline, the spread, and the over/under. Given how exciting any football game is, NFL or college football, fans can actually place more exciting wagers in your sportsbook. For today, we’ll take a look at the different NFL prop bets you can offer to your players.

In a specific game, there will be a handful of wagers that you can offer. If you are unsure of what prop bets you can give, you need not worry, since your bookie pay per head solutions provider has that all taken care of. All you need to do is move the lines. Some really good pay per head software will have a prop bet creator too, so that’s a huge plus for your sportsbook if you have one.

NFL Prop Bets

These are some common prop bets you can find on a regular NFL game:

  • Which team turns over the ball first?
  • How many touchdowns will they score?
  • Will the team that scores first/last win the game?
  • Which will be the first scoring play?
  • What are the total passing/rushing/ receiving yards by a qb/rb/receiver?

Your sports betting software will display these wagers to your sportsbook, which your players can see the odds of. During special games, such as the Super Bowl, you will see more prop bet options. Some, however, will be outlandish and totally not related to the game. Here are some of the common prop bets you will see in the Super Bowl:

  • How many minutes will the National Anthem play?
  • Will the singer screw up the performance?
  • How long will the halftime performance be?
  • What color Gatorade will they dump on the winning coach?

Another twist on prop bets is to make multiple bets, in a parlay. This carries more risk, but can give higher winnings. However, as with the case of parlays with a prop bet, the series of wagers will most likely be made up of prop bets only.


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