Legislators delayed the passing of the Casino Smoking Ban Bill that would prohibit smoking in casinos in Atlantic City. Democratic lawmakers said that there were not enough votes to advance it. In addition, they are open to suggestions from the casino industry, including enclosed smoking rooms.

Casino employees gathered at a state Capitol hearing chamber to urge legislators to approve the smoking ban after a three-year delay.

According to pay per head sportsbook reports, the state exempts Atlantic City’s casinos from the smoking ban in public enterprises.  Richard Codey’s tenure as governor saw the agreement’s passage as a concession for his support of a statewide smoking ban.

Casino Smoking Ban Bill in New Jersey Delayed

New Jersey Legislators Delay the Passing of Casino Smoking Ban BillSenate health committee chairman Joseph Vitale said the legislation needed one more vote to advance Thursday. Workers who traveled 290 kilometers (180 miles) roundway from Atlantic City apologized. In addition, he promised an expedited vote on the bill. Vitale supports the current version of the measure, which aims to ban smoking, despite 25% of casino floors still allowing smoking.

According to casino news reports, Sen. Fred Madden voiced his belief that lawmakers are eager to hear from the casino industry. According to Madden, the industry has proposed a smoking ban that would be phased in over 18 months, giving casinos time to implement enclosed smoking rooms and additional air treatment systems.

When asked for clarification on their legislative recommendations, the Casino Association of New Jersey remained silent. However, the group’s president, Mark Giannantonio, said that the bill’s delays on Thursday show that people are now starting to understand that the current version of the measure will severely hurt Atlantic City’s economy. The smoking room suggestion was deemed a ridiculous concept that every lawmaker should oppose by a group representing dealers.

Democratic Governor Phil Murphy has stated time and time again that he will sign a casino smoking prohibition into law, and there is a bipartisan majority in both houses of New Jersey’s legislature that supports the idea.

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