In our bookie tutorials, we want you to learn everything there is about being a bookie: from what sports betting is, how to become a bookie, how you go about starting your own sportsbook, and more. There are many outdated notions of what a bookie is, and slowly, the perspective is changing. Since sports betting, largely through online sports betting, is gaining mainstream popularity, it no longer is “shady” to be a bookie. In fact, your average bookie does not look like a goon standing by in the shadows all dressed up in leather. All you need to do is join a bookie conference, and you will understand.

In fact, since sports betting is now online, anyone can be a bookie. Even single parents who want another source of income can be a bookie. Your next-door neighbor could be a bookie. Your uncle, or even your cousin could be one. There are no licenses required to be able to become a bookie. Of course, you will still need a set of skills and tools to help you get by, but that is easily learned.

How to Become a Bookie

How to Become a BookieFor you to become a professional bookie, all you need is a bookie software, a set of players, and time to run your sportsbook operation. Those are the basics. Like any business, you will want to have your own office. In this case, it will be virtual. Of course, you can always go the traditional route and build a staff and spend months to develop your sports betting software in a physical office. If you have the hundreds of thousands of dollars to burn, and the time to afford to wait for you to earn all that money back. There is a more practical solution- and much more affordable as well.

This is called a pay per head service. By running a pay per head bookie operation, you have a sportsbook for your players to bet on, and a virtual office for your backend operation. This is called a pay per head service because the fee is charged per head. The cost of these services is usually around $1 to $30 per head, depending on the services and the company you choose.

Pay Per Head Bookie

As a pay per head bookie, you can offer your players an online sportsbook that you can control easily. You can also integrate horse racing and an online casino if you want to. But for sports betting, you have access to sports betting lines from multiple sports leagues and events across the world. You can adjust these lines as you see fit. You also have total control over the limits of your players, as well as the payment options and process.

All you need to do is sign up with a pay per head service. Once you gain access to your dashboard, you can start adding players and giving them access to your sportsbook. Then, all you need to do is manage your lines to make sure that you are earning money. Its as simple as that! You can customize your sportsbook as you go along, but all of these features is easily manageable from wherever you are: at home, on the commute going home, or by the beach.


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Bookie Pay Per Head Service