A historic moment occurred during the Haggerty vs Andrade match. Both fighters are reigning ONE World Champs. ONE Fight Night 16 promised an unforgettable experience, and it did just that. Here are some of the significant takeaways from the event.

Haggerty vs Andrade

Haggerty vs Andrade and Other ONE Fight Night 16 RecapsThere is now a new owner of the ONE Bantamweight Kickboxing World Title belt. Following his spectacular victory against Fabricio Andrade in the main event, Jonathan Haggerty will add this to the ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Title strap already proudly displayed on his mantle.

According to bookie PPH reports, a heated first round ended with Haggerty delivering a devastating left high kick to the face of the defending ONE Bantamweight MMA World Champion. As the end of the fight neared, the British superstar completely dominated Andrade.

Ruotolo vs Magomed Abdulkadirov

Magomed Abdulkadirov was defeated by Tye Ruotolo via submission in the first-ever ONE Welterweight Submission Grappling World Championship bout.

In a 10-minute demonstration, Ruotolo displayed his deadly and versatile submission game with several receptions from various locations. According to online sports betting reports, the 20-year-old BJJ prodigy came close to submitting his opponent with a guillotine armlock, a D’Arce choke, and an armbar.

Halil Amir vs Ajmed Mujtaba

According to bookie pay per head solutions experts, Halil Amir is now the number four lightweight MMA contender after winning two matches under the spotlight of ONE Championship. The Turkish superstar showed he belongs in title contention with a first-round technical knockout of Ahmed Mujtaba on Friday.

The fight with Mujtaba revealed a lot about Amir’s resiliency. Amir defended himself and countered the Pakistani finisher when he could break free.

Mighty Warrior vs Vanilla Thunder

Ben “Vanilla Thunder” Tynan was not worried that the South Korean would add his name to the list of opponents Kang Ji Won has stopped in ONE because of his excellent record.

In an early display of his confidence, Tynan knocked Kang to the mat and grabbed control of the contest from his dominant position. Then, in the second round, the ex-Division I wrestler kept where he left off.

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