Offering bonuses in your sportsbook is a smart way to get more players to join your sportsbook. Similarly, it’s a great way to ensure that your current players stay happy, and get them to stay active. There are different ways for you to offer bonuses or promotions to your players. Here is a quick guide to setting bonuses in your online bookie software.

With the bookie software that you use, you will be finding it very easy to run your sportsbook. Tracking wagers from your players will be easy to document, so you can easily see betting trends. You can use these reports to form effective marketing offers and bonuses tailor-made for your customer base. If you want to know how to open a sportsbook, you can look at guides available. But it is very easy to do.

Setting Bonuses

Guide to Setting BonusesWhen looking at sportsbook offers, it is common to see promos like cash back, refund, and money back. These are all the same, where it means you get a free bet back. It’s a free bet, and your players have to use it and cannot convert it to monetary value to withdraw. Basically, any time you offer your players free bets, these must be used. It helps to put an expiration date as well. This will get your players to place their bets as soon as they can so they can use the limited-time only freebie.

Normally, these free bets will automatically come up- same with refunds. It will depend on your provider, which is why its important that you start out with the best sportsbook pay per head. Another way to make sure that your promos are maximized, is that offers cannot be combines. For example, you offer cash back, plus a free bet. If a person uses a free bet, then there should not be a cash back added to the bet. You can also set limits, such as minimum and maximum bets. All of these bonuses are flexible enough that you can make it work depending on how much you want to spend, and how much you want to earn.

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