EASYPAYPERHEADThe latest in our Bookie Pay Per Head reviews is a younger pay per head provider. Easy Pay Per Head is a company that has been in business since 2016, although back then, they were strictly invite-only. It was not until last year that they launched their site to the general public, so we are most definitely curious about them. Our EasyPayPerHead.com pay per head review will help you, our readers, find out if they are accurate in saying that they are an easy pay per head service to use.

When we ask “what is a pay per head“, the first thing we wonder about is the price. After all, the premise of the pay per head industry is a service that you pay for every head, or player that you have who is active in your sportsbook. Easy Pay Per Head advertises $5 per head, which is definitely one of the most affordable rates we are seeing in the market. But, the question is, are they affordable because they don’t have much to offer, or are they a cost-effective PPH provider?

EasyPayPerHead.com Pay Per Head Information:


    • Software: DGS based proprietary
    • Products: racebook, online casino, live betting, sports betting, and live casino, online wagering, telephone wagering, mobile platform, player bonuses
    • Price Per Player: $5
    • Private Website Available: Yes

    EasyPayPerHead.com Pay Per Head Review

    EASYPAYPERHEADThe hallmark of the best sportsbook pay per head providers is reliability. This will be hard to prove, since Easy Pay Per Head has only been publicly available for less than a year. However, they are actually formed by a group of sports betting and tech experts, who have decades of combined work experience. According to them, they wanted to bring the best practice of what they knew to be effective, and combined them to form Easy Pay Per Head.

    Naturally, the best way to prove their competence is for people to actually use their services. And they are making it easier for us by offering a two-week free trial. When we signed up, we were not asked for any deposit or private information. We simply create an account with our name and email, and we were in.

    As a pay per head bookie, you’ll want a very comprehensive sportsbook software, which Easy Pay Per Head manages to offer with complete ease. A very simple dashboard makes it easy for you to find what you need. Player management was easy to use: we were able to create and edit player profiles and limits easily. As for line management, we gained access to a lot of lines we could offer, from the NFL to UFC. It was also very easy to view and manage, and any changes were reflected instantly.

    The best feature they have, is their report management feature. You can click on what information you would like to see and the software will generate a report you can access. You can review everything your players are doing, how your lines are doing, and so on. This makes it a convenient way to review our sportsbook operation and see how we were doing.

    Our Recommendation about EasyPayPerHead.com

    This site has a lot of promise. We can see why they are gaining a momentum in terms of increased sign-ups. Word is quickly spreading about a sportsbook software thats easy for anyone to use. So, if you are an experienced bookie, their rates and software features will be more than acceptable for you. And if you are a new bookie, you are in luck, because this here is a software provider that makes it easy and accessible for you to run your own sportsbook from anywhere.

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