Pay Per Head ReviewMore often than not, the decision to feature a sportsbook pay per head company in our review comes from us. We look at various providers, see if they are popular, or if they are gaining popularity, or if the discussions among those in the industry warrant a check on these sites. We do sometimes get requests from our readers. Sometimes, other providers do not offer demos, or they do, but people are hesitant to try a provider out. Today, for instance, our Pay Per Head Review is a request we got from someone who wants to know more about

This company is quite young, especially if you compare them with the other PPH providers in our bookie pay per head reviews. They have lately gotten a lot of attention with their promo rate of $3 a head. However, this promo is actually ending in a few days, after the Super Bowl. We’ll be taking a closer look at Boss Action to see if their software is good, and if they are worth your time and money. Pay Per Head Information:

        • Inception: 2019
        • Telephone: 1-800-339-4108
        • Email: email form in website
        • Live Chat: Yes; not 24/7
        • Website:
    • Software: DGS and ASI
    • Products: racebook, online casino, live betting, sports betting, and live casino, online wagering, telephone wagering,
    • Price Per Player: $10 minimum
    • Private Website Available: Yes Pay Per Head Review Pay Per Head ReviewThere are multiple ways for you to sign up for their service. We signed up through their online form and had to wait for someone to call us to confirm our application and give us our details. Apparently, you could skip this step and just go straight and call them on their hotline to create an account. We would have thought that the purpose of online registration is to simplify the process but we were wrong.

    Apparently, they have 2 “classes” of membership. Unoriginally patterned from air travel, you are either at business class at $10.99 per person and $12.99 for first class. First class is business class services plus live wagering, live dealer, and online and phone wagering. This surprises us because what they promote as premium class is actually $5 at other sportsbook PPH we see. So price wise, they are a bit on the expensive side.

    The software itself is kind of okay, if you are not familiar with sports betting software. Its pretty simple, and you can choose between DGS or ASI. But tis too basic especially now that we know how much their services are. They have good payment options, too. But then again, so does any other bookie pay per head provider today. As for customer service, well, our first try was a big failure on our end because live chat was offline. They do not offer 24/7 live support, which is another letdown.

    Our Recommendation about is not really a site we would recommend, simply because it is overpriced. They give you two tiers to choose from, wherein in other pay per head providers, you can get the highest tier for more than half the price. The software and design is nothing worth writing home about. While some may think that their site looks good and all that, the services are subpar, even for a new site. There are better sites you could try, that offer better services for a better price.

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