In our previous guide to Parlay betting, we went over the basics. Now, we will talk about one of the most frequent questions we get when talking about Parlays: Teasers. So, before we get deeper into parlay bets, we will talk about the difference between parlays and teasers in your bookie software. Before you even learn how to open a sportsbook, you need to know what the wagers are.

As we said in our previous guide, you will be seeing parlays in your online bookie software as it is a very popular bet for people to make. Its basically a series of wagers that you bundle together into a single bet, and you win if you get all of them correct. You may ask, why not just make single bets out of them all? You can, actually. There is less risk for single bets. However, the payout is not as high as when you will put them in a Parlay bet.

Parlays and Teasers in Your Bookie Software

A Guide to Parlay Betting- Parlays and Teasers in Your Bookie SoftwareNow, a Teaser is a type of parlay bet. However, as you would notice in your bookie pay per head service, it has more limits to the bets you can make. A Teaser is a parlay bet that only contains bets that are against the spread (ATS) or on totals. Teasers will also allow you to adjust the spreads to your favor in exchange of a smaller payout. For instance, if you have wagers on a game with an original spread of 6.5, and you are not sure of the ability of the team to cover the spread, you can tease your spread to maybe 6.0, 6.5 or 7.0, This will change the odds, and reduce the risk. However, you get less payout.

Again, as with the case of Parlays, you are betting with a higher risk for a bigger payout. A Teaser will allow you to lessen that risk. You can also opt for what bookies call a “sweetheart” or “monster” teaser bet. These are wagers where you tease the spread of three games by ten points. You’ll often see this in sportsbooks as 3-team 10-point teasers. While the odds here are unfavorable compared to other multi bets, you will need to win big to come out a winner, much less break even. Again, teasers, just like parlays, give higher payouts, your players just have ot be willing to put in more risk.

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