PPH International, or pphintl.com, has been in business since 2005. Through the use of the latest technology, they aim to be the top pay per head provider in the bookie market. With their years of experience, they have established themselves as a reliable provider, as one of the best sportsbook pay per head providers.

They also offer their customers a variety of options or packages that will fit the specific needs of each customer. They also have 99.9% server uptime with a backup system. They offer both online and mobile applications as well.

Pphintl.com Bookie Pay Per Head Review Information:

  • Inception: 2005
  • Telephone: 1-877-386-0180
  • Email: support@pphintl.comLive Chat: Yes
  • Website: www.pphintl.com
  • Software: DGS
  • Products: Sports Betting, online casino, live betting, racebook, live casino, online wagering, phone wagering, mobile platform, bonuses for players
  • Price Per Player: $10
  • Private Website Available: Yes


Pphintl.com Bookie Pay Per Head Review


We liked how easy the sign-up process was. Within just a few minutes, our account was verified, and we were given our log-in information. We were able to avail of a free two-week trial. They do, however, say in their website that payments must be given in advance. So, once the two-week trail is up, you have to pay up.

This is one of the websites that you should not just by its looks. When you first see the site, it kind of reminds you of how websites used to look like when myspace was still popular. But once you log in, it’s a totally different look. They also have great customer service agents. The software is very competitive with other bigger sportsbooks as well. We did, however, notice that wagers done by your player via telephone will cost you an extra charge.

As for the agent site, the interface is very clean and modern-looking. It is easy to navigate, and everything you will need is in just one main page. When we tried editing our players, we loved how it was very easy to do. You just click some boxes and you have everything fixed. It was also very easy to generate reports.


Our Recommendation on pphintl.com


The only thing we did not like, was that you had to tell them how many players you have. They will be the ones to create the profile for you. If you wish to add more, you will have to get in touch with them again every single time you are going to add a player to your sportsbook. So, given that you are paying an industry standard rate of $10, you are not getting as much freedom and features that you would get from other providers. In fact, we have seen more pay per head services with lower rates, but more features. To summarize, it is a decent and reliable sportsbook, but there are better options for you.

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