When it comes to managing your sportsbook, being able to profile your players is important. Their betting behavior will let you know if you are dealing with a certain type of bettor. This is important in knowing how you should be dealing with them in terms of betting limits and the like. For instance, if you notice that a bettor seems to be winning 100% of the time, then you most likely have a sharp taking advantage of your sportsbook and costing you money. In the same note, if you find a bettor placing decimal bets all the time, then its likely you have an arbitrage bettor hedging wagers on different sportsbooks. Your sportsbook and the public is one interaction where you need to keep an eye out of.

Your per head sportsbook software can easily help you profile your players. In just a few keystrokes, you can pull up the data of each player and see their wagers. From here, look at the patterns, the amounts, and other data you can use. While sports bettors are all unique individuals, their betting habits tend to fall under a certain bracket of sports bettors.

Your Sportsbook and the Public

Your Sportsbook and the PublicToday, we’ll talk about those in the sportsbook pay per head business call The Public. Its not a literal meaning, but the numbers of these types of bettors is quite more numerous than other types. Those called the public are also known as recreational bettors. These are the types of bettors who make their decisions on their favorite teams, players, their gut, their home town, or the more popular team for the game.

These players tend to ignore the odds more often than not, or not give too much stock on it. These types of bettors come up in very popular games, say the LA Lakers playing against the 76ers. And these bets can be enough to cause bookies to move lines.

Public Betting

You’ll notice that in some games with popular teams, the bets are overwhelming on one side. Regardless of the odds, the popular team will get a lot of bets. This is risky for your sportsbook, so the natural reaction will be to adjust your lines. This is done to make it more attractive to bet on the other side. That way, the wagers on both sides will balance out a bit, minimizing the risk of losing a lot in case the popular team’s side wins the wager. Sharps will also be out on the lookout for lines on these games, as it can be an advantage for them to bet against the public.

In essence, the surge of wagers you will get from the public will be more than enough to necessitate a little movement of lines from your end. Which is why you need to keep an eye out for games like these. These games be a risk for you to pay out more than you can get from winnings. But, if you manage it correctly, it could be a great payday for your sportsbook. If you still do not have a sportsbook software to help you with this, you can check out these pay per head prices. See which ones fit your price range so you can get started with your own online sportsbook.


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