The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are starting soon and many Bookie PPH providers are releasing lines on the hundreds of events that your players can bet on. There are 109 gold medal events, with 7 different sports and 15 disciplines. There are a lot of betting opportunities for everyone across the world. So, let’s take a look at some of the best Winter Olympics bets so far.

The Winter Olympics will start on February 4. But your sports betting software platform likely already has lines on the games. February 4’s slate has less games since it will be the opening day. Some events have already started as well, so its best to check the latest Olympics news. But when it comes to Medal games, it will start on February 5 (Saturday), and will continue up until February 20 (Sunday). On the last day of the event, the last 4 medal events will happen.

Best Winter Olympics Bets

Your Bookie Sportsbook’s Best Winter Olympics LinesOf course, the biggest wager, and the most popular one in most sportsbooks, would be which country will grab the most gold medals. Another popular bet is which country will grab the greatest number of medals. For now, Norway is the favorite at 2/7 to get the most gold medals. Germany is second at 7/1, with ROC (Russia Olympic Committee) at 8/1. Norway is also the favorite to win the greatest number of medals. But the lines are at 1/5, so this will be a very steep wager to make.

As for the specific events that are popular with bettors, you have the Men’s Downhill Skiing on February 6. Women’s Skiing is also popular. For team events, ice hockey will most likely keep you busy with your sportsbook. If you want to make more money and take in wagers with your very own sportsbook, here is a great guide on how to be a bookie in 5 easy steps.

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