Will We See Online Sports Betting Software In North Carolina?When it comes to North Carolina, the topic of sports betting is a bit more complicated if we compare them to other states. Back in 2019, S154 was a bill based that allows the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to offer sports betting in their two casinos. However, these casinos only opened in March of this year. Basically, everyone in North Carolina who would want to bet on sports will have to go to these two casinos, and they have only been doing this for around 4 months. Given the high demand for online wagering, will we be seeing online sports betting in the state soon?

Most gambling software reviews will show you the wide variety of products that you can find in an online casino or online sportsbook. In fact, you can actually enjoy more gambling products online as there is no physical limit to the games that you can have in the best bookie software. North Carolina’s legislators are now working on getting online sports betting online.

Online Sports Betting in North Carolina

Back in April, Senators Jim Perry and Paul Lowe brought in Senate Bill 688, which plans to legalize online sports betting. Discussions on this bill did not gain traction until August of this year. Industry insiders believe that there is a high chance that the bill will pass. Currently, the bill is in the Finance Committee. The bill proposes online sports betting, as well as wagering near sports venues.

North Carolina could learn from its neighboring states. Tennessee, for instance, has no brick and mortar sportsbooks yet, as all sportsbooks are online. Virginia also allows for online sportsbooks to operate. As you would learn with bookie tutorials, online sports betting is a great way to easily expand your reach to get in more customers, as well as offer more betting options for players.

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