Football is America’s most popular sport. It goes without saying that its penultimate event, the Super Bowl, will be the most watched game in the country. So when you become a bookie, the Super Bowl is something that you should be preparing for weeks in advance. Because the Super Bowl is also the biggest bookie event of the year. It will also be your biggest payday, so you should be on top of your NFL lines by now. But aside from football being a popular sport, why is the Super Bowl a big event for sportsbooks anyway?

The American Gaming Association is expecting $7.6 billion in wagers in the upcoming game between the Rams and the Bengals this weekend. Pay per head providers such as are already seeing a lot of action on NFL betting from their bookies. An estimated 31 million people are expected to be placing bets on the game, so you can really get a lot of your players to place bets now.

Super Bowl is the Biggest Bookie Event

Why the Super Bowl is Your Biggest Bookie EventYour bookie pay per head software provides bookies with a complete set of wagers for the event. As a bookie, you will need to adjust these lines, but you will see the wide variety of betting options that are available for your players. Expect players to be putting money on the most common wagers, since we are talking about a Championship Game.

But more than that, we have a lot of proposition bets, or prop bets that are always the most popular during the postseason. In the case of the Super Bowl, you will have bets on stats of players during the game. But you also have weird bets, such as betting on the coin toss. Betting on the National Anthem. Your players can even bet on the halftime show.

We have not even talked about in-play bets, which are quite a lot too. All these wagers can add up to a pretty good profit margin if you manage your sportsbook well. If you have 20 players, and they all place 8-10 bets each, then you will have a lot more action from them than you would get from a regular game. Now that you know why the Super Bowl is the biggest bookie event in your sportsbook, you should be making sure that your players are using your sportsbook, and are placing their wagers in time for the weekend.


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