Why Agents use a Bookie Pay Per Head ServiceBetting on sports is a billion dollar industry that has grown tremendously in the past couple of decades.   Many gambling experts attribute part of this growth to the Bookie Pay Per Head Industry.  This is because many agents are now using Bookie Pay Per Head Services to open their own sports betting operation.

There are several reasons why Agents use a Bookie Pay Per Head Service to start or expand their business.  In this article, we explain how a bookie PPH works and why agents are turning to the Bookie PPH Solution.

Furthermore, we will also go over how bookies are showing higher profit by using a Bookie Pay Per Head Service. In essence, we will explain why agents use a Pay Per Head service because of the many advantages it offers.

What is a Bookie Pay Per Head Service

What is a Bookie Pay Per Head is the most common questions asked by anyone thinking about opening a sportsbook. There are several definitions for Pay Per Head, thus we define the simplest and most common one.

A Sportsbook Pay Per Head for agents is a service that manages and keeps track of their players wagers. In addition, a top Bookie Pay Per Head Service will also provide complete sportsbook infrastructure for your operation. This is because part of the service will offer a Player sports betting website, Customer service and an IT support staff.
Bookie Pay Per Head Service

Why Agents use a Bookie Pay Per Head

Why Agents use a Bookie Pay Per HeadThey are several reasons as to Why Agents use a Bookie Pay Per Head to run and operate their business.  However, we will only list the three most popular reasons as they are usually the ones that seal the deal.

More Gambling Options – A Bookie Pay Per Head is able to offer more betting options for your players which leads to a higher ROI.  This is because they already have the sports betting software and infrastructure in place, thus are able to give options. Such options will include live betting, more prop bets and more sports leagues to bet on.

Cost – Starting a sportsbook from scratch is out of the reach of most people.  This is because cost of the sports betting software alone is around $250,000 to $500,000. In addition, starting a sportsbook will also require a hefty investment in infrastructure and support staff.

By using a Bookie Pay Per head, you only pay $5-$15 per player every week.  In exchange you get all of the products and services needed to run a sportsbook.

Time – Opening a sport betting operation from scratch will take at least 9-12 months before it is fully operational.  In addition, the owner of a successful bookie operation spends a lot of time overseeing the betting odds and customers.

Thus a Bookie Pay Per Head, will take care of all that.  This is because a Bookie PPH can get you started right away without any time loss.  In addition, the staff and the lines are all managed by the Bookie PPH.

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