When learning how to become a bookie, line management is perhaps one of the most important aspects of bookmaking that you need to learn. It is, after all, the product that you are offering to your players. But betting lines are never static. They move as time passes. From opening to closing lines, you will encounter shifts from one side to the other. While knowing why you need to move lines is taught early on, knowing when to move lines in your pay per head sportsbook are just as important.

Using a pay per head sportsbook solution will help you move your lines faster. One, they offer sports betting lines that are made by industry experts. While the lines are there, they move based on event related matters. You can also tweak these lines yourself. For instance, you read the latest news on sports and see that a player is injured. If that player will miss out several games, chances are you will need to adjust the lines for those games. If you are slow in adjusting your lines, sharps may take advantage of your lines and cause you to lose.

Move Lines in Your Pay Per Head Sportsbook

When to Move Lines in Your Pay Per Head SportsbookYour pay per head software takes care of adjustments caused by external factors. This now gives you the time to focus on adjusting your lines based on your players’ action. For instance, if during a Suns versus Rockets game, everyone bets on the Suns, then you will need to pay out all of those winnings from the vig, or, worse, your own pocket. What you need to do, is adjust the lines, so that players will be more inclined to bet on the Rockets. With more wagers on the Rockets, your bets are more balanced, and you can use the winnings from the losing bet to pay off the winning wagers.

As a bookie, your goal is to get as much balance in bets as you can. So, when checking your sportsbook, you should not just look at the numbers and the wagers, but look at where those bets are going to. This is something that you should do even during the game itself. If you do not have the proper software to help you with this, here are some bookie pay per head reviews for you to read. Chances are, you will find the best one to suit your needs and your budget.

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